Extremely proud of our boys - Louis and Fabio

Louis and Fabio ran 5k every day in June and completed a half marathon on the last day of the month for Grassroots Suicide charity:

400 people in the UK will attempt suicide today - 18 will die........Their deaths will rock communities, families and friends, putting people bereaved by suicide at a greater risk of suicide themselves. The facts are clear. The need is urgent.

Louis and Fabio in Grassroot running tops infront of Globacare logo

Grassroots prevent suicide by empowering local communities. They help communities identify and support those at risk of suicide. They reduce stigma to increase help-seeking. They offer innovative, alternative routes to help people unlikely to use mainstream services. Their training, anti-stigma work, and pioneering digital projects have helped save thousands of lives. Join us in keeping everyone safe from this stigma.

Just keep moving….


Running dashboard with stats showing