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What are the latest private medical insurance trends?

Discover the latest trends in private medical insurance through Vitality's Health Claims Insight report

Why dental cover is a must-have for employees

Discover the must-have benefits of dental insurance for employees—improving oral health, reducing absenteeism, and ensuring comprehensive care.

What optional extras are worth adding to business health insurance?

Enhance your business health insurance with valuable optional extras to benefit your employees and boost your bottom line.

Our latest insurance guides

Supporting team members that have kids during the holidays

The school holidays give children a break but can be challenging for working parents. How can you support team members with children during the holidays?

How to engage employees with health insurance services

Health insurance can support employee well-being if they use the help available. How can you increase employee engagement with health insurance services?

What health and wellness services can health insurance offer employees?

Supporting employees' health benefits your business and employees. We explain the health and wellness services your business health insurance can offer.

How well-being initiatives can build better relationships

Well-being is a priority for employees, and good workplace relationships are vital. We examine how well-being initiatives build better relationships.

What is a P11D benefit in kind?

High-quality benefits can affect your employees' tax payments. We explain P11D benefits in kind and how they work.

Do employees value benefits?

How highly do your team members value their employee benefits? We consider which benefits are worth including in a high-quality benefits package.

How employee benefits can boost team engagement

The right employee benefits can help build a highly engaged workforce. We consider which benefits can increase team engagement and business success.

How important are employee benefits when recruiting?

How important is a high-quality employee benefits package when recruiting top talent? We consider what employee benefits will give your business the edge.

How to avoid burnout in start-ups

Starting a new business takes time and effort, meaning burnout is a real risk for you and your team. Discover how to avoid burnout in your start-up.

Managing stress in the workplace

Starting a new business takes time and effort, meaning burnout is a real risk for you and your team. Discover how to avoid burnout in your start-up.

How to support employees during the hayfever season

Hay fever can cause debilitating symptoms in your employees and reduce productivity in your business. Here’s how to support your team in hay fever season.

Health insurance for tech companies

Every business needs a productive workforce. Tech companies are no exception, especially considering that they employ over 1.7 million people in the UK and contribute around £150 billion to the economy annually. We consider how health insurance can help tech companies stay at the top of their game.

Why death-in-service benefit is vital for your employees

Offering high-quality employee benefits helps your business attract the best talent and improve employee retention. Death-in-service benefits have a vital role in a comprehensive employee benefits package. We look at some of the advantages and how death-in-service benefits work.

Bupa business health insurance

Bupa's name is synonymous with health insurance. Here's what you can expect to find with a Bupa business health insurance policy.

Tips to encourage physical activity in the workplace

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to health issues among your employees. Our tips help you encourage physical activity in the workplace.

Health insurance for large businesses

Discover the advantages that health insurance for larger businesses brings to your business.

Health insurance for construction firms

In this article, we look at the benefits health insurance offers to those who work in construction.

Vitality business health insurance

This guide explains how Vitality's Business Health Insurance works, the benefits and much more.

Aviva business health insurance

This guide explains how Aviva's Business Health Insurance works, the benefits and much more.

AXA business health insurance

Explore AXA's tailored business health insurance options for small businesses and corporate clients.

How are your employees' eyes?

Understand where its your duty as an employer to look after your employee's eye health and understand the health risks.

Are your employees benefiting from these essential perks?

This guide looks at the most highly-valued employee perks – how many do you already offer?

Is your team getting enough time in nature?

Unlock Team Potential: Embrace Nature for Health and Success. Learn the benefits, from improved focus to enhanced creativity. Practical tips for a healthier workplace

Understanding health insurance jargon for businesses

This comprehensive guide simplifies health insurance jargon for businesses.

How do business health insurance employee health assessments work?

Many corporate health insurance policies also provide health screening, which can give you the tools to improve your employees' health. Here's how it works.

How can businesses support employees during menopause?

Discover how businesses in the UK can support employees through menopause and reduce the impact of menopause symptoms on productivity.

Is health insurance worth having if your business has less than five employees?

This guide explains the benefits of health insurance to small businesses and their employees.

Can health insurance help businesses to get people back into the office after remote working?

This guide outlines how employers can adapt, and how health insurance has the potential to encourage employees to return to the office.

Is relevant life cover still worth having?

Relevant life cover allows you to offer valuable death-in-service benefits to your employees. However, is it still worth having now the tax rules have changed? Our guide will help you decide.

How does life insurance taxation work?

In this guide, we examine how life insurance taxation works when choosing a personal life insurance policy.

What's important to Gen X in the workplace

In this article, we dig into what's important to Gen X in the workplace and the benefits of hiring from this generation.

How to increase employee engagement and retention

In this guide we share 11 ways that you can increase employee engagement and retention in your business.

Getting the right financial protection for your family

Our guide to the financial protection policies families should consider.

How to tailor your life insurance offering to your business

In this guide we explain how you can tailor your company life insurance to suit your employees.

Travel and health insurance for business travel

Here's our guide to international health insurance to help you make the right choice for your employees.

How employee wellness programmes can benefit your business

In this article, we look at the benefits of an employee wellness programme and how you can create one.

Health insurance for startups

Expert guide on health insurance for startup companies in the UK.

Choosing employee health insurance

This guide outlines the main things you need to consider when choosing the right policy for your business.

Choosing the right health insurance for your small business

This guide provides information to help you find the right health policy for your small business.

Health insurance for a limited company

This article examines company directors' options when setting up health insurance.

What's important to Gen Z in the workplace?

In this article, we explore how understanding Gen Z workers' expectations is vital if attracting and keeping Gen Z talent

Acute vs chronic conditions: what's the difference and why does it matter?

This guide explains the difference between acute and chronic conditions and how it affects your health coverage.

What is a health insurance broker's role

In this article, we explain the role of a health insurance broker and how working with one can benefit you

Do you need an employee benefits broker?

In this post, we look at how an employee benefits broker can help you create a high-quality employee benefits package.

What are the ten best employee benefits to offer staff?

This guide highlights the best employee benefits you can offer your team.

What's the difference between company medical insurance and a cash plan?

Learn about how group health insurance can cash plans differ.

How to attract the best talent to your business

In this post, we share how you can attract the best and brightest to your business.

How you can foster health and wellness in the workplace

Guide to doing the best for your employees and encouraging healthy habits.

What does a business health insurance broker do?

Here is why it pays to work with a business health insurance broker.

When did you last review your health insurance?

Here's why you need to review your policy at renewal time.

A guide to business health insurance underwriting

Here's our guide to the three main types of underwriting.

Bupa business health insurance review

In this article, we'll talk you through what you can expect from Bupa's health insurance for businesses.

Vitality business health insurance review

How does Vitality's health insurance stack up for businesses?

What is medical history disregarded underwriting?

In this guide, we look at medical history disregarded underwriting and whether it could be the right choice for your business.

The benefits of working with a business health insurance broker

Here’s our guide to the benefits of working with a business health insurance broker.

International health insurance vs private medical insurance

This guide explains how international health insurance differs from PMI

CPME Underwriting

This guide explains what you need to know about CPME underwriting.

Moratorium underwriting vs full medical underwriting

This guide explains the differences between moratorium underwriting and full medical underwriting.

Death in service benefits

This guide explains how death-in-service benefits work.

How does business health insurance taxation work?

Here’s our guide to the tax implications of private health insurance.

Why do people take out life insurance?

If you’ve heard that life insurance is a good idea but you’re not sure why that is, we’re here to help. Here are some great reasons why you might need life insurance.

What are the benefits of life insurance?

Our guide helps you understand the benefits of life insurance and how you can choose the right policy for your needs.

How group health insurance works

Our guide to group health insurance will help you find the policy that works for your business.

Best providers of business health insurance

Which health insurance provider is the right one for your business? Here’s our guide to the top four to help you decide.

Employee health insurance

Our guide to employee health insurance for businesses in the UK.

Reduce the cost of company health insurance

In this post, we explain the six ways you can reduce the cost of company health insurance.

Supporting mental health in the workplace

Here’s our guide to how you can help promote good mental health in the workplace and improve your employees’ well-being.

Relevant Life Insurance and Taxation

A relevant life policy allows your business to offer tax-efficient life cover to your employees. Here's our guide to the tax benefits.

Difference between level and decreasing term life insurance

One of the key elements to consider when you're looking at life insurance is whether you want a level or decreasing term life insurance. Here's our guide.

What is relevant life insurance?

In this guide, we explain how business owners can benefit from relevant life insurance.