Benefits of hiring Gen Z employees

Generation Z is the first generation to have grown up with technology. Where baby boomers in the workplace may have needed some training to help them adapt to new technologies, Gen Z employees arrive with existing skills and can pick up new systems and processes quickly.

However, this knowledge stems from growing up in a digital world where Gen Z workers are used to having their voices heard in a way that previous generations didn't. This can bring management challenges as they can have a high level of belief in their abilities that may not be reflected in their experience. However, it can mean that they're more able to work independently with the proper support.

Generation Z employees want to work with companies and business leaders whose vision aligns with their values. While remuneration is important, they aren't just in it for the money and want their work to impact the world around them positively. Their ideas can offer your business a new perspective on business growth.

What do Gen Z employees value in the workplace?

Whilst salary and pension benefits are still high on Gen Z workers' list of priorities, there are other critical factors. Gen Z employees are looking for jobs and businesses that align with their personal values. LinkedIn's 2022 Workforce Confidence Report found that 80% of Gen Z workers planned to leave their jobs to find work that better reflects their values.

Understanding Gen Z workers' expectations can help you to attract and retain younger talent. So, what do Gen Z workers value in the workplace?

1. Wellbeing support

Workplace stress isn't new, but research suggests that it's on the increase and may disproportionately affect Gen Zers. In Cigna's Global Wellbeing survey, 91% of Gen Z employees reported feeling stressed, with 98% showing symptoms of workplace burnout.

Unsurprisingly, workplace wellbeing and mental health support have become a crucial part of many employee benefits packages. A good workplace wellbeing strategy can improve employee engagement and help businesses to attract and retain top talent.

How health insurance can support employee wellbeing

Company health insurance is a valuable benefit in itself. However, it can also help businesses to attract Gen Zers thanks to the mental health benefits included with many policies.

In addition, most health insurance providers offer some form of counselling or telephone helplines as standard, while Employee Assistance programmes provide employees access to various support services.

Some insurers also offer perks and discounts to employees who hit their wellbeing goals, enabling them to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Larger corporations can also access support in developing a workplace wellness strategy.

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2. A good work-life balance

The pandemic caused many of us to review our life choices, and Gen Zers are no exception. A good balance between their work and personal lives is particularly important to Gen Z workers, so workplace policies that enable this will help you attract them.

There are a couple of different ways to introduce Gen Z-friendly policies.

Remote and flexible working

Many Gen Zers entered the workforce during lockdown when working remotely was the norm. Remote work's flexibility allows employees to manage their time to balance family commitments and other interests.

However, if full-time working from home isn't practical, you can still offer employees flexibility in other ways.

For example, flexible hours could allow them to avoid a stressful commute or take a more extended lunch break. In addition, working in the office enables employees to build positive workplace relationships, while remote work allows employees to manage their time themselves. A hybrid approach gives them the best of both worlds.

Holiday pay

65% of Gen Zers rank travel as the most important way to spend their money. This makes ample paid time off extremely important to Gen Z candidates and an excellent way to attract them.

In addition, an annual leave policy that offers unlimited leave or enables employees to earn an additional allowance according to their length of service could also improve employee retention and engagement.

3. Diversity and inclusion

Gen Z is the most diverse generation yet, with greater racial and ethnic diversity and increased acceptance of the LGBT+ community. As a result, employers committed to diversity, equity and inclusion are better placed to attract Gen Zers to their workforce.

Promoting diversity and inclusion can start with ensuring equal pay and considering whether your senior leadership team reflects your diversity goals. Evaluating individual needs can also be a good starting point. For example, providing a prayer room may benefit existing staff but also help you attract new workers.

These steps can also feed into a positive company culture that benefits all your workers.

4. Clear opportunities for growth

Gen Zers have grown up amidst enormous economic uncertainty, from the great recession to COVID-19. It's given them the desire to improve their skills and seek growth opportunities that support their future career development. Gen Z's willingness to leave an unsatisfying job to look for development opportunities elsewhere means that companies must work harder to win their loyalty.

Providing opportunities for training to develop an employee's skills can improve employee retention. These could include in-house training or mentorship programmes that allow workers to experience other areas of the business.

In addition, clear career progression opportunities enable your team to envision their future with your company. However, many employers offer sideways movement, allowing your team to develop other interests.

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5. Environmental awareness

Environmental issues are a key concern for Gen Z, outstripping gender equality and even the economy on their list of priorities. For example, combatting climate change is critical to Gen Z in a way that it wasn't for previous generations. Likewise, pursuing sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint informs Gen Zers' choices in what they eat, wear and how they shop.

Therefore, demonstrating a commitment to improving the world around you is vital if you want to attract Gen Z staff. For example, you may already have taken steps to improve energy efficiency, go paperless and reduce your use of single-use plastics.

Employers can also offer benefits to enable staff to travel more sustainably, including cycle-to-work schemes or electric car leasing. In addition, your environmental and social responsibility policy could include company initiatives that allow your team to volunteer with local environmental improvement projects.

6. A straightforward hiring process

Gen Zers are digital natives, meaning you'll need to embrace modern technology if you want them to apply to work with you. While baby boomers and Gen X may have been willing to attend job fairs or come to your office to ask about vacancies, Gen Zers aren't.

Enabling them to apply online via your website or on a third-party platform such as LinkedIn will help you attract more Gen Z applicants.

The content of your job postings also needs to attract their attention. Gen Zers want to work with businesses whose values resonate with their own. So whilst your brand strategy will play a vital role, the job advert can also describe your company culture to help applicants consider whether they want to work for you.

While Gen Zers aren't solely focused on pay, including a salary range is vital. It's also a good idea to give details of benefits, training and any opportunities for career growth.

Also, don't prolong the hiring process unnecessarily. Acknowledge applications quickly and let applicants know promptly whether you want to see them for an interview.

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