Kingsley Agbo
Senior Broker

Kingsley Agbo

Bachelor, LLB Law

Areas of expertise

Health Insurance
Group Health Insurance
Relevant Life Cover
Group Life Insurance


4 years
Time with Globacare
10 years
Industry Experience

Kingsley's been with us for over four years and is, in his own words, "our most senior broker". A talented adviser with over a decade's experience, clients describe him as "patient", "helpful", and "calm", which are incredible traits to have. His ability to expertly advise clearly and calmly gives his clients confidence in their decisions. Our clients regularly praise him, and for a good reason, and with knowledge in health insurance, group life insurance and more, he's a true asset to the team.

Kingsley Agbo

Not many things give me greater pleasure than speaking to a client for the first time who is on the edge of giving up their cover because it’s become prohibitive and being able to negotiate a better deal so they can keep hold of their policy at a time in their lives when they’ll need it the most.

I’ve worked in healthcare for many years, multi-award winning in Sales, Management & Compliance  & hold an LLB Hons Law degree from the sunny south coast of Bournemouth.

Growing up, I vividly remember my elder sister taking sadistic pleasure in telling me my favourite superheroes weren’t real, yet – here I am today working in a profession that truly saves lives.

Outside of work

Outside of work, I love keeping active and am a keen rugby player for a local team on the south coast. Let’s just say I’ve lost more teeth than I’ve won silverware. I also love to travel whenever I can.

Favourite quote:
“There are plenty of ways the world humbles us, so never feel you have to diminish your joy.”
What clients say about
and Globacare
Janet M
5 stars in a row
"Patient, kind and understanding"
Max B
5 stars in a row
"A very comprehensive service "
Caroline G
5 stars in a row
"Always on the ball and very helpful."
5 stars in a row
Brilliant from start to finish
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